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Introducing myself.

Dr. Ketaki Shingare More (MSc. Musculoskeletal (UK), CMP, BPTH, MIAP) is the founder and the head therapist of PhysioRelieve Physiotherapy Clinic. She has achieved a wide spectrum of qualifications related to her profession. She believes in a patient-centered approach and has developed clinical expertise in musculoskeletal diagnosis. Dr. Ketaki has conducted various ergonomic seminars and workshops through VIDAL health care, held numerous honorary health camps, and has been presented the ‘Udaan Naari Ki’ Award as the Best Professional 2016 and has also been awarded the ‘Best Social’ Award.

Dr. Ketaki is specialized in treating musculoskeletal issues of cervical and lumbar spinal problems, joint disorders. She is actively involved in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries relating to sedentary working lifestyle such as stress issues.

Dr. Ketaki More (Shingare)


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