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Becoming a Physiotherapost Does Not Require Long Study Hours!

Today, if we ask any student in the science stream as to what does he or she want to opt as a career, only two names are the most heard from them: ENGINEER or a DOCTOR. We see these students working really very hard to crack the medical and IIT entrance exams so they could get admitted in the top government college of the city. When it comes to the medical field, it is considered the most prestigious field of all. Many students sacrifice their normal lifestyle just to study for the entrance and get into a medical college to pursue MBBS, BDS, and BPTH. Amongst all these fields is the recently in-demand field, i.e. Bachelors in Physiotherapy. This field is normally a go-to field when MBBS and BDS don’t work out for the students.

Physiotherapy is basically the study of how human bones and joints function. This field overlaps with Orthopaedic Science in the background of human bones and joints. Physiotherapy is normally needed after a severe injury, operation or for posture improvement. Physiotherapists normally work under or in collaboration with the orthopaedists so it becomes easy for the patient to get treatment and physiotherapy under the same roof. Bachelors of Physiotherapy is a 4 year long degree available around Maharashtra and around the world as well. It is becoming a crucial and recognized field since people have realised the importance of physiotherapy in their lives.

There are many factors which make up an excellent physiotherapist in general. Firstly, he or she should possess the right skills and abilities to practice physiotherapy. Secondly, the person wanting to become a physiotherapist should know the path of his education leading towards the degree completion. And lastly, he or she should be patient and willing to be committed to this career.

Let us first discuss the pathway to getting into a medical college.

1. Complete 10th standard

2. Take up Science as a stream. You will either have to take up Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths as a compulsory subject. It depends on which college you choose to go to, since every college has a different subject combination available.

3. Complete 12th standard with a minimum of 50 percent as average percentage of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as this is one of the mandatory criteria for getting accepted into a medical college.

4. Prepare for NEET (National Entrance Examination Test) simultaneously while completing junior and senior college. In these cases, there are coaching classes which offer an integrated course.

5. Secure a minimum of 400 plus marks out of 720 to get admitted in any government or private college for physiotherapy.

6. Complete the 4 year long B.PTh course to get the title of a physiotherapist.

This was the initial pathway to completing the degree. But the person who wants to become a physiotherapist should possess the necessary skills to be a physiotherapist. Here we have listed down some of the crucial qualities which the person should learn and adapt to:


This plays an important role in the moulding of mind of the person who wants to become a physiotherapist. If the person has a deep interest which runs in his mind for this particular field, then he or she will excel in it successfully. And with great interest comes greater curiosity to know more, to seek more knowledge, which will make him or her extremely knowledgeable. He or she should also be willing to work for the betterment of their patients and not just to earn money.

Rapport Building

A good physiotherapist should be able to communicate openly and secure a good relationship with his or her patient so that the patient feels safe and sound around the physiotherapist. Rapport building is an integral part of any communication between whomsoever it may be; it helps build long lasting connections with people.


Any doctor is advised to have patience because the patient is coming to you and looks up to you because he is learning to trust you. You, as a patient and a good physiotherapist, should let him or her complete and explain his or her problem completely and act like their friend. Be there for them when they need you without judging them and criticising them. That is why it is rightly said that PATIENCE IS THE KEY!

Team work

A physiotherapist should be able to work with other people in team efficiently for drawing out conclusions related to treatment of a patient smoothly. He or she should be able to take an initiative, co-operate and contribute equally when working in a team. That is when the society will call him or her an ideal physiotherapist whom everyone can go to.

In this manner the points necessary to become a physiotherapist and what the career path should be are given above. Hope they help the students who are aspiring to enter this field. May you all excel and prosper!