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Success Story I

Mr. Sumeet Khade

Mr. Sumeet Khade, a 28 year old Professional Mixed Martial Artist (Pro MMA Fighter) with a record of 11 – 3 – 0 (Won – Lost – Draw) had an unfortunate mishap during his training period. He had an acute slipped disc in the year 2018, when Dr. Ketaki Shingare came to his aid.

Mr. Sumeet was unable to lift any kind of weights or take any kind of pressure on his spine which was definitely a bad scenario for him considering he had a fight in two weeks’ time. With a proper two week medical treatment programme Dr. Ketaki Shingare helped him get for the fight. With her appropriate medical techniques and guidance Mr. Sumeet was able to pull off the fight within 2 weeks and score a win in the fight held by Super Fight League showcased on MTV which was a very important fight for him according to our fighter. He was able to lift all kind of weights again within mere six months of proper treatment and care.

Mr. Sumeet is one of our regular clients who is very glad to still have Dr. Ketaki as his physiotherapist as he also scored a win in a fight held in February 2020 in Dubai once again making India proud, post his complete recovery which was a two year treatment span.

Success Story II

Mr. Deepak Bhalchandra Patil

Mr. Deepak Bhalchandra Patil, a 58-year-old athlete, has been working at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited as a charge head for over three decades now. A Mazgaon, Mumbai resident, a member of Sprinters Sports Club, has made his state proud by representing Maharashtra at the India Masters Athletics Championship and bagged a Gold in the championship.

However, sports injuries are the most common in athletics. Mr. Patil had vascular surgeries on his legs and muscle strain five weeks prior to his event. That is when Dr. Ketaki Shingare came to his aid. Dr. Ketaki helped him with his post-surgery pains and muscle strain. With her appropriate guidance and medical help, he was able to successfully attend the event, win the championship, and bag a Gold as well.

Mr. Patil is Dr. Ketaki’s client since then and still follows her guidance to be in a good shape and good health and is always prepared for all the upcoming events

Success Story III

Ms. Poorva Hemant Sawant

Ms. Poorva Hemant Sawant, a 17-year-old athlete is a national medallist and hails from Mumbai. Gold medallist of the Khelo India Youth Games 2019 for triple jump. She has successfully achieved 120 medals so far in various athletic events out of which 10 are national level medals.

Sports injuries are very common in athletes. Every athlete goes to the pain of these injuries several times in his/her career. Ms. Poorva encounter dissimilar injury. During her practice of triathlon (100 metres run+ long jump+ shotput) unfortunately she had a sprained ankle. This is when Dr. Ketaki came to her aid. Ms. Poorva contacted Dr. Ketaki as soon as possible as Dr. Ketaki is her neighbour. The treatment began soon. She started with ankle strengthening that gave positive results and confidence to perform better.

During that year, Poorva secured silver medal in AFI Nationals, but during the National event, she pulled her hamstring while doing long jump and was unable to walk.

Once she was back from the national event, she approached Dr. Ketaki once again and she has started with the treatment.

Ms. Poorva has been competing in various events like hurdles, high jump, sprints, triple jump and throws as well; she also encounters many injuries such as muscle pulls, tissue swelling and ankle injuries. However, Dr. Ketaki and her team has always been there to help Ms. Poorva tackle her injuries.

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